Worth a Read!

Worth a Thought!

Two pieces that appear in today’s Irish Independent are certainly worth a read:

  1. “First Communion in the time of Covid was small, gorgeous and suited me perfectly”

by Sarah Carey

Sarah talks about her experience of First Communion with two older sons and then details some of the “fun” she had with her third and final son this year.

I think it should be compulsory reading for all parents and teachers who are beginning to look towards First communion in 2021.

It’s on page 36 of the general section of the paper.

2. “Losing Christmas Mass this year is a sad thing – even for the non-believers” by Ellen Coyne

Ellen says she has recently returned to Catholicism but even when she was “staunchly, almost tenaciously, not Catholic” she had a soft spot for the Christmas Eve religious ceremony despite “whingeing about having to go.”

Would love to read what it was that encouraged her to return to Catholicism!

Her column is in the Weekend section of the Independent page 6